Tea Towels "Seasons"

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Spring is a season of hope and new life with catkins and pussy willow bursting forth and sheltering the humble primrose. Flocks of cheeky bluetits dart among the hawthorn blossom.

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"Summer is acumen in" as the old folk song says, and what is more evocative than a cornfield in summer that has escaped the pesticide? Poppies, cornflower, knapweed and daisies create a haven for the tiny harvest mouse and butterflies.

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"Seasons of mist and mellow fruitfullness" - Autumn is surely a favorite season with fabulous fungi, plump ripe blackberries and the misty moors turning purple, while the swallows fly overhead.

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Winter is a season for log fires and closed curtains, but look outside and see the glorious evergreens that adorn the hedgerows and hear the endlessly cheerful song of the robin, the symbol of winter.

Tea Towels "Elements"

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The solitary heron stands tall amongst the cotton grass while his rival watches from the sky above. Soft feathers float on the clear blue air.

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After the fires gorse re-generates with renewed vigour and the heathlands come alive. Goldfinches and butterflies dart amongst the charred branches.

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Seabirds gather rich pickings amongst the sea weed that lies in abundance on our shores. Pink thrift and pearly shells festoon the beaches with colour.

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In the mountains marmots appear from their long winter hibernation in earthy burrows. The slopes are carpeted with gentian, periwinkle and the elusive edelweiss. The magestic golden eagles soar overhead.

New designs

Tea Towels, designs 2015

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Amour, Amore, Liebe - Love manifests in many ways! Here two Blackbirds steal the scene in an unashamedly romantic setting with roses, honeysuckle, blossom and butterflies in a big heart.

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At Dusk 'the wise old owl sat in an oak' waiting to feed his young. Bats and moths fly around in the light of the full moon.

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At Dawn the Robin starts, followed closely by Blackbird, Nightingale, Thrush and all the tiny birds creating a glorious crescendo of sound to greet the new day.

click to enlargeAlpine Chough

High in the snowy mountains the Chough raucously compete with each other to grab scraps left on the balcony!

Tea Towels, Designs 2016

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"Down among the backwater, through the reeds tall, ducks are a'dabbling, up tails all....." (Kenneth Graham)

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"Slushy green undergrowth, where the Roach swim, here we keep our larder, cool and full and dim..." (Kenneth Graham)

Tea Towels, New Designs 2017

click to enlargePeace

"... the sweet white Dove floats in the calm air, the Dove is the harbinger for peace."

click to enlargeHope

"Frank and Frances the Sable Poot Bantams anticipate a happy future!"